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Unrealized [One-shot] [Sep. 12th, 2006|01:36 pm]
Starry's Fanfiction
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Summary: Thoroughly depressed over his recent rejection, Sora find comfort in the most unlikely of places and sees something that has always been there…it was just unrealized.

Starry's Corner: This is the unedited version of unrealized that wasn't posted at ff.net and various communities on lj. Enjoy and Comment! There might be a sequel fic to this one too, called I Spy, but it will ONLY be posted here! Keep an eye out for it!

Warnings: R: Lime


Sora sighed lightly as he absent mindedly fisted the soft white sand beneath him. His blue eyes locked on the horizon line, watching the sun dip below the line where ocean meets sky. A small frown had taken up residence on his face, it was out place on the normally happy go lucky teenager. Coupled with the frown was a look of thoughtfulness. Once again, out of place on the teenager.

He didn’t notice a blonde haired boy sneak up behind him, a large grin on his face as he leaned closer to the brunet, holding back a laugh the blonde yelled, “Boo!” Loudly, causing Sora to jump and whip around.

A glare on his face, “What in the hell!” Sora hardly cursed, but it wasn’t everyday that one of your friends thought it’d be funny to scare the living hell out of you, “Roxas?” his tone demanded an explanation.

But, Roxas was finding that unbearably hard to do with the overwhelmingly cute pout Sora had on his face, “Aw, I’m sorry, Sora.” He began, taking a seat next to the brunet, “But you looked more spaced out than usual. So, naturally, I had to snap you out of it.”

Roxas’ eyes scanned the other boy’s face, “So, what’s on your mind?” He asked. He knew, every well in fact, that not any old thing could steal away the smile Sora always carried with him.

Sora glanced at him, not making complete contact. A habit that proved he was telling a lie, “Nothing.” He replied softly, looking away.

Roxas blinked, not believing the brown headed boy in the least bit, “Nothing?” He asked, raising his eyebrow in disbelief, “You’re spacing out about nothing?”

Sora stared at the boy for a moment before nodding quickly, “Pretty much!” He replied brightly.

“C’mon, Sora! You can tell me what you’re thinking about!” He said, nudging the other boy, “Please?”

Sora sighed, looking away, “Alright.” He said, “Though, I doubt you’d want to hear it.”

“Just tell me, Sora.”

Sora nodded before his gaze returned to the setting sun, “I told him how I felt today.” He said simply. Hoping Roxas would know who he was talking about because he didn’t want to repeat his name…not if it could be avoided.

“Oh.” Roxas replied, his gaze turning to the setting sun as well, “How’d it go?”

Sora could only laugh softly, “He said he was straight. Then he left me standing there in the hall way after school.”

Roxas frowned, turning back to Sora, “Oh Sora…” He began, scooting closer to the boy, “…I’m sorry.”

Sora slowly shook his head, his gaze still locked of the disappearing sun, “Don’t be.” He said softly before sighing, forcing a smile, “I’m ok.” It was a downright lie, but he didn’t want to worry his friend.

“C’mon.” Roxas said standing up as he offered a hand, “We’re leaving.”

Sora finally faced him, “Why?” He asked as he took the hand, pulling himself off the ground.

“Just c’mon.” Roxas answered, leading the burnet down the beach, to one of the last open ice cream stands. He let go of Sora for a moment, returning a second later with a cone, “Here, it’s vanilla, I know it’s your favorite.”

Sora grinned widely, “Gee, thanks, Roxas.” He said before licking the frozen treat, “You sure know how to cheer a guy up!”

“What are friends for, right?” Roxas asked, grinning slightly. But, as Sora turned his full attention to the ice cream, that grin faded. Friends…that’s right! They were nothing more than friends! So what if he had never gotten as close to Sora as Riku and Kairi, but that didn’t change the fact that they were friends. And, Roxas wouldn’t endanger that friendship for some silly feelings he had developed.

Sora had paused in enjoying his ice cream, “Hey!” He said, grinning widely, “Want to stay the night?”

Roxas paused in eating his sea salt ice cream bar, “Sure.” He replied.

“Great!” Sora said excitedly after finishing off his ice cream, “Do we need to stop by your house?”

Roxas blinked before slowly nodding, “Yeah, I need to tell my mom where I’m going.” He said.

Sora nodded before pausing, “Hey, bring your mom over too!” He said quickly, “She’ll keep mine busy.”

Roxas grinned nodding, “Yeah ok, good idea!”

The two boys headed off in the same direction before going off into different houses, that were, oddly enough, right across the street from each other.

It wasn’t ten minutes after Sora walked into the door and told his mom they were about to have company that the door bell rang.

“Coming!” Sora said, grinning at his mother, who was jumping around like a teenager.

“Hurry up! My mother is practically strangling me!” Roxas replied.

Sora giggled as he opened the door, “So is mine.” Before he could even get the statement out his mother squeal loudly before launching herself at Roxas’ mother.

Both boys stared at their mother’s with equally flushed faces as the woman bounced around, screaming and hugging as though a cute guy had just offered them his attention.

“Mom?” Sora said slowly, reaching out to the bouncing woman, “Is it ok if Roxas spends the night.”

The woman nodded madly, her brown curls bouncing softly, “Yes, yes of course!”

Sora shook his head as the two woman walked off into the kitchen, gushing about how good the other looked. He turned to Roxas, “Come on.” He said, grabbing the blonde’s hand as he lead him up the stairs, “Let’s go before they go psycho on us.”

Roxas nodded, “Agreed.”

Sora lead him up the stairs, "So..." He said, "You've heard about my day in school, how was your's?"

"It was pretty normal, sans being stalked by fan girls and cutting 5th period by staying the bathroom with Hayner. Olette's going to kick our asses when she finds out, but all in all, it was pretty normal." Roxas replied.

Sora giggled softly, "Fan girls, huh?" He said, he never had much of a problem with fan girls, much to his pleasure they all seemed to flock after Riku, Roxas, and Axel...perhaps a few other unlucky souls, but never him, "I don't seem to have that problem."

Roxas snorted, “I can’t see why not!” He pouted, grinning before he grabbed one of Sora’s cheeks, “You’re just so cute!” He teased, pinching Sora’s check, “And adorable!”

Sora twitched, brushing Roxas’ hand off his face, “What is it with people and my cheeks?” He said, pushing his door open before walking in, “Do I have ‘Pinch Me’ written somewhere on my face?”

Roxas grinned, “They just scream ‘Pinch Me’.” He said, stepping into Sora’s room after him, “So what is there to do?” He added, plopping himself on Sora’s bed.

Sora shrugged , "I dunno." He replied softly. He wasn't sure if there was much that could get his mind off of today...yeah, ok...the ice cream helped a bit. But, one cannot drown their sadness in ice cream alone.

Roxas sat up slowly, eyeing the brown headed boy, he could tell the boy’s thought’s had once again drifted to Riku, “What if I told you…I’m sorta glad Riku shot you down” He said softly.

The scene of the blonde being yelled at and told to go the hell home was playing out in his head constantly. Hopefully Sora would let him finish.

Sora blinked, shaking his head, “What do you mean?” He asked.

"Seriously...what if I told you I was glad that Riku rejected your feelings?" Roxas replied, looking Sora directly in the eyes.

Sora shrugged, "I don't know..." He said, shaking his head, "Everyone person is entitled to their own opinion...I guess, but I don't understand...why would you care?"

"Because....I...." Roxas started. "I'm in love with you, Sora...I know I'm supposed to be a friend but...I don't think I can be anymore..."

Sora was, for lack of a better word, shocked. He stared at Roxas for the longest of time, blinking slowly. Why hadn't he realized it before...? Had it always been there, just hidden by his overwhelming feelings for Riku? It would make sense, he had known the boy nearly as long as he had known the other, "Roxas...I..." His voice failed him as a blush crept up on his cheeks.

"....You don't have to say anything..." Roxas trailed off. He stood up. "Maybe...I should go or something...."

Sora shook his head quickly, "No!" He said, standing in front of the door, “That isn’t what I’m trying to say!”

Roxas turned around, still not really in the mood to say anything else; he wasn't lying when he said he wasn't sure if he could be Sora's friend anymore. Not when it would hurt so bad for a while, and then he'd have to force himself to fall out of love with the brunette. He just knew it hurt like hell during the painful realization that the brunette was in love with Riku, and he'd be the best friend. Primarily a reason why he had grown attached to Hayner, Pence, and Olette over the summer.

"I didn't realize it before." Sora began, a blush still on his face, "But, I love you too."

Roxas blinked. "Wha?!" he started. "But you...you're just saying that...you're still in love with Riku probably.."

Sora shook his head quickly, "Have you ever known me to lie?" He asked, grinning.

"N-no...I guess not." Roxas replied, looking at the other.

Sora nodded, "I love you." Was all he said, grinning madly. Who knew he'd make two confession in one day?

Roxas flushed a little at Sora's words. Truth be told, he felt a hell of a lot better now; the smile on his face was proof enough.

Sora giggled softly, still grinning.

Roxas may have felt relieved, but the silence was so uncomfortable, maddening even. Something had to be done.

Sora blinked, a little overwhelmed by the sudden silence, "Can anyone say awkward pause?" He said playfully.

"Awkward pause." Roxas replied.

Sora giggled, shaking his head before he walked over to Roxas, grinning before he pressed his lips against the other's.

Roxas was surprised to say the least, his eyes still open could vouch for that. He had to make sure he wasn't dreaming again; he'd be one pissed blonde if he was dreaming again.

Sora pressed closer to the blonde, his hands coming around his neck.

I'm not dreaming. Oh thank god. Roxas thought as he finally kissed Sora back. He moved backward a little bit and felt the doorknob poking into his lower spine, signifying he couldn't move back any further if he wanted to. His arms wrapped around Sora's waist and stayed there; he had been wanting this for a while...

Sora grinned against the kiss, his tongue meekly brushing against Roxas' lips.

Roxas parted his lips a little, his hands finally roaming up Sora's shirt, along the other's spine and toward the front, wanting to feel more skin.

Sora shivered slightly, pushing his tongue into the other's mouth, exploring the moist cavern for all that it was worth.

Roxas breathed through his nose, for the sake of wanting the kiss to linger. He finally decided to fight for control of the kiss a little, his own tongue messing around with Sora's. It never occurred to him that their mothers were downstairs talking like nothing was going on upstairs, when the truth was their sons were totally about to get it on like rabbits in heat.

Sora's hands sank from Roxas' neck to the sleeves of his shirt, where he was hanging on almost helplessly. His body tingled in pleasure, it was all new to him. Every last bit of it.

Roxas pulled away from the kiss to breathe a little, looking Sora in the eyes momentarily, as if he were asking if they should continue.

A ghost of a grin appeared on Sora's face before he captured Roxas' lips in another kiss, as though he were approving Roxas' questioning glance to continue.

Roxas let out a soft moan, his hands already reaching for Sora again, pulling the brunette even closer against him, hands tugging at the other's shirt, trying to take it off.

Sora broke the kiss, panting slightly as he pulled his shirt over his head before he resumed the broken kiss. Hardly believing he was actually doing this, much less with both of their mother's down stairs. Although, he was fairly sure his mother would care less...

Roxas kissed the other back, before breaking the kiss moments later to start kissing along Sora's neck slowly, his hands still roaming along the other's spine before one hand decided to go further, trying to undo the other's pants.

A soft gasp escaped Sora's swollen lips as his eyes rolled back into his head. He moved his head slightly to give his soon to be lover better access to his throat as his breath hitched as he felt Roxas' hand inch closer and closer to his pants.

Roxas fumbled with the button for a moment before finally undoing it and the zipper, pulling it downward slowly. His lips licked, nipped, and sucked along Sora's neck.

Sora moaned softly, pressing closer to Roxas still. His moan was a silent plea, a plea for anything.

Roxas' hand slipped under the material of Sora's pants after pushing them down just a little, rubbing at the brunette's arousal through the material of his boxers. He pulled Sora into another slow kiss, other arm wrapping around him.

Sora moaned hopelessly into the kiss, pressing his hips closer to Roxas' hand.

Roxas continued his soft rubbing, pulling away from the kiss, just to kiss along the other's jaw line before moving back up to nip at his earlobe.

"Roxas..." Sora whined, his cheeks flushed. He wanted more, he needed more. He just wasn't sure of what yet.

"Mm?" the blonde asked, his hand rubbing just a little more roughly, as a means of making it feel better than the previous time. He didn't let Sora answer at first, seeing as that he kissed the brunette again; he had grown very much attached to kissing him.

Sora thrusted his hips against Roxas' hands, hoping the blonde would get the idea. He needed skin to skin contact.

Roxas got the idea, and since he wasn't planning on being anymore of a tease to Sora, he finally pulled down the boy's boxers and took the brunette's length into his hand and proceeded to pump slowly.

Sora gasped softly before stepping towards his bed, pulling the blonde haired boy with him.

Roxas followed, still maintaining his hold on Sora. He wasn't planning on letting go unless he really had to.

Sora moaned softly, his hips thrusting along with the movement Roxas' hand provided before he leaned back on to the bed, pulling the blonde with him.

Roxas kept his balance as this happened, even though he had to stop pleasing Sora to do so. Once they were comfortable, his hand pushed right back into the other's pants, resuming his pumping followed by pulling the other boy into a kiss.

Sora tugged at Roxas' shirt as he kissed the other boy, moaning softly as he did so.

Roxas pulled away from the kiss to breathe, using his free hand to try and undo his shirt to make it easier for Sora. He continued pumping slowly, letting his thumb rub the head of the brunette's length occasionally. Oh yes, Roxas must've been pretty damned lonely.

Sora raised his hands to Roxas' shirt to help the blonde undo it, pausing every now and then to moan and shuddered in pleasure.

Roxas leaned down to kiss along Sora's chest lightly, briefly stopping the pleasure on his length to undo his own shirt and take it off completely. Sure enough he went right back to pleasing Sora, his hand pumping faster. While the other dug into the sheets for more balance.

Sora panted softly, arching his back, "Roxas..." It was meant as a warning. He could feel his release building up.

Roxas didn't answer, all he did was pull Sora into another kiss, his tongue exploring the inside of the other's mouth, just as it was done to him before. The blonde pumped Sora's length even faster; he got the message. It wasn't like he didn't know when he was going to come.

Sora's body tensed up as he clutched on to Roxas, moaning into the kiss as he came, arching into Roxas as he did so.

Roxas moaned softly, feeling Sora against him as he cleaned his hand off quickly. Oh that felt nice...but maybe they were getting carried away...He retreated, standing up. At first he didn't look at Sora, because he knew the brunette would manage to make him stay...

Sora laid on the bed, still panting softly. His lips parted, his eyes closed as he collected himself after his release. Slowly, he reopened his eyes, "Roxas..." He started out slowly, sitting up, blushing softly as he tucked himself back into his pants, "...what does that make us?"

"I...I dunno, Sora..." Roxas replied, looking at the other boy.

Sora looked down, a blush still on his face, "What do you want us to be?" He asked, almost in a tentive voice.

Roxas' gaze never fell elsewhere, it remained on Sora. "I...I want us to be together, Sora..."

Sora's blush deepened, "Really?" His voice was hopeful.

"Yes, Sora..." Roxas replied.

Sora smiled, it was small, but present, "I think I'd like that!" He said, finally looking up at Roxas.

Roxas finally smiled again. "I'd like that too..."

Starry does not own Kingdom Hearts, she just likes to borrow the character's from time to time!

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2006-09-21 03:42 pm (UTC)
fab! Will do ^^
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2006-09-21 03:43 pm (UTC)
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