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30 July 1988
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Hi there! My name is Starry. And, this...well, this is my fanfiction journal. This is were I archive all my favorite fan fictions that I have created over the past year and where I recommend some kick-ass fics that I might happen to come across.

There are, of course, a few rules for everyone to follow.

1.) You can friend this journal...so long as you don't spam it. The only comment you should post in here is a review on a fic.

2.) Don't steal my fics. I don't care if you borrow my ideas, because God knows I've borrowed plenty of ideas.

3.) Homophobes need not apply. I am a rabid yaoi (as in gay...yes folks GAY) fan girl. And, that's like all I write. So if you have a problem with it. Don't even friend this journal. Don't even read past this bio page.

4.) I WILL NOT tolerate flamers. You flame me, and I'll make your life a living hell! We're all adults here, so lets act like it.

5.) If you want to put one of my fictions on a website, please email me for permission. And, since this is a writing journal, I will affiliate with other writing journals and writing communities, just comment with the subject line saying "Affiliate" and I will do so gladly.

Having said all this I hope you enjoy your read! ^-^

Here is a master list of all my completed works.

You can find the authorness' journal at starry_nights88 and her themed community is at 10_snuggles